We collect and ship all over Europe

  • Shipments are managed directly by the MyStore016 Platform.

  • The code for tracking the shipment is provided to the customer only upon explicit request. Shipments are however constantly monitored and in case of impediments of any kind on delivery, it will be the responsibility of the manager to contact the user to solve the problem.

  • Each shipment travels at the risk of the Seller / Supplier, responsible for the packaging.

  • The platform undertakes to do its utmost to respect the expected delivery times, but cannot in any case be held responsible for any delays in delivery of the package or for damage caused. Delay in delivery can never be considered a reason for canceling an order. Any storage costs, in case of non-delivery, are charged to the end user.

  • The packages and safety packaging will be paid by the Seller / Supplier anonymous or labeled with the MyStore016 Platform logo where he undertakes to provide the customized material.

  • The delivery times of the various products vary between 3 and 15 days, depending on whether the requested item is available in stock or requires production. The Seller / Supplier undertakes to do everything possible to respect the expected delivery times but can in no case be held responsible for any delays. In the event of a lack of the requested item in stock and excessively long production times, the Seller / Supplier undertakes to promptly notify the Customer of the fulfillment date, deciding by mutual agreement whether to keep the order active or not.

  • Shipping costs are charged to the end user.


MBE - Mail Boxes Etc ...

Delivery Standard 48/72 hours Italy / Italy

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost

over 0.42 euro x Kg.

France - Germany - Belgium - Luxembourg - Spain - AustriaDelivery International 72/96 hours Zone 1

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost
ZONE 10513,50
ZONE 151015,00
ZONE 1101516,00
ZONE 1152017,80

Delivery International 72/96 hours Zone 2

United Kingdom - Holland - Slovenia

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost
ZONE 20514,50
ZONE 251016,50
ZONE 2101518,70
ZONE 2152021,00

Delivery International 72/96 hours Zone 3

Finland - Ireland - Portugal

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost
ZONE 30517,60
ZONE 351023,20
ZONE 3101526,40
ZONE 3152028,60

Delivery International 72/96 hours Zone 4

Sweden - Greece

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost
ZONE 40524,50
ZONE 451036,50
ZONE 4101549,50
ZONE 4152060,50

Delivery International 72/96 hours Zone 6

Bulgaria - Estonia - Lithuania - Czech Republic - Romania - Slovakia

SERVICEfrom Kg.Cost
ZONE 60520,90
ZONE 651024,20
ZONE 6101527,50
ZONE 6152029,70

Weight / Volume Ratio

The multiplication of the three sides divided by 5000