Shipments and returns

We collect and ship all over Europe

  • Shipments are managed directly from the MyStore016 platform.

  • The code for tracking the shipment is provided to the customer only upon explicit request. Shipments are, however, constantly monitored and in the event of impediments of any kind on delivery, the operator will take care to contact the user to resolve the problem.

  • Each shipment travels at the risk of the Seller / Supplier, responsible for the packaging.

  • The platform undertakes to do everything possible to respect the expected delivery times, but in no case can it be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of the package or for the damage caused. Delayed delivery can never be considered a reason for canceling an order. Any storage costs, in case of non-delivery, are borne by the end user.

  • The packages and safety packaging will be borne by the anonymous Seller / Supplier or labeled with the logo of the MyStore016 Platform where he undertakes to provide the customized material.

  • The delivery times of the various products vary between 3 and 15 days, depending on whether the requested article is available in stock or requires production. The Seller / Supplier undertakes to do everything possible to comply with the expected delivery times but cannot in any case be held responsible for any delays. In case of lack of the requested item in stock and excessively long production times, the Seller / Supplier undertakes to promptly communicate the date of fulfillment to the Customer, deciding by mutual agreement whether or not to keep the order active.

  • Shipping costs are borne by the end user

Delivery Crono Express 24/48 ore Italy/Italy

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo 

Delivery Crono Standard 72/96 ore Italia/Italia

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo

Delivery Crono International 72/96 ore Zona1

Austria - Belgio - Danimarca - Germania - Lussemburgo - Olanda - Rep. Ceca - Slovacchia - Slovenia - Ungheria

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo
ZONA 10210,50
ZONA 12515,00
ZONA 151018,00
ZONA 1102024,70
ZONA 1203033,00

Delivery Crono International 72/96 ore Zona 2

Francia - Principato di Monaco - Regno Unito - Spagna

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo
ZONA 20210,50
ZONA 22516,00
ZONA 251023,50
ZONA 2102031,50
ZONA 2203041,50

Delivery Crono International 72/96 ore Zona 3

Estonia - Finlandia - Grecia - Irlanda - Lettonia - Lituania - Malta - Portogallo - Romania - Svezia - Croazia

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo
ZONA 30217,80
ZONA 32522,00
ZONA 351028,90
ZONA 3102042,80
ZONA 3203055,00

Delivery Crono International 72/96 ore Zona 5

Bielorussia - Bosnia ed Erzegovina - Bulgaria - Cipro - Kosovo - Moldavia - Montenegro - Rep. di Macedonia - Serbia - Ucraina

SERVICEda Kg.a Kg.Costo
ZONA 50230,50
ZONA 52545,50
ZONA 551064,30
ZONA 51020111,20
ZONA 52030153,00

Weight / Volume ratio

Standard: The sum of the three sides not exceeding 150 cm - Voluminous: The sum of the three sides not exceeding 220 cm the tariff of the weight doubles